Lillian Tseng

Co-Owner/Lash Artist/Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist


Since I can remember, I've always been fascinated with beauty and art. Trying to find my path with a traditional mindset not knowing this could be a career, I started working as graphic designer, first. It was great with fulfilling my artistic side of passion, but still missing the beauty part. Then after a botched lip color tattoo session, it made me research deeper into semi-permanent makeup. I started learning the techniques in hopes that no one would ever have to experience what I have experienced, not on my watch. A few years later, being a lash addict myself, I found Drea and Sugar Bunny Lashes. Started off as a client, Drea and I talked about our passion for beauty, making people happy, creating a hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly beauty line, then that lead to our business partnership…and we're living happily ever after. I love using my 10+ years as a visual and graphic artist to make women feel their most beautiful, from the moment they wake up in the morning. It’s my privilege and passion to provide you with this cosmetic freedom and confidence. Lashes and semi-permanent makeup keeps you feeling flawless 24/7.

Lillian’s Semi-Permanent Makeup Artistry encompasses; Microblading, Wei-brow (machine done semi-permanent brows), eyeliner or lash liner tattoo, lip color or lip blush tattoo, and scalp micropigmentation or hairline semi-permanent tattoo.

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