Karyn Medeiros

Lead Studio Manager/Creative Director/Lash Artist

I am the "mama bear" of the studio.  I try to keep everyone up to speed on what is going on in the studio, and what upcoming things need to be done.  During our events and photoshoots, I am the one who makes sure each lady is looking their absolute best and everything is running smoothly. Our goal is to uplift all other lash artists and our clients. I love making all of our amazing clients walk out looking their best and bringing up the morale of our staff and other lash artists. We want every human to look and feel confident in who they are. I am the mom of two sweet and energetic little boys and the queen of side hustles. Currently, lash artistry is my part-time job, as I work full time with special needs students in a school setting. I also have dabbled in party planning/decorating, painting, acrylic nails (which I have stopped due to allergies), sticker making, and as of today, I currently own a Home Bakery @QuaRYNNtineBakery and sell painted signs and crafts.

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