Drea DiMassa

Founder/Co-Owner/Lash Artist/Academy Instructor

Lash Artistry for me was an unforeseen career path that I fell into and then absolutely fell in love with, which can be said for our company, Sugar Bunny Lashes, as well. It started out with a severe allergic reaction to lash extensions from another artist, who refused to assist me with removal when I had an anaphylactic reaction. As a student of life, I’m constantly wanting to know the how and the why behind everything so I began to research lash extension products, allergies, and how I could continue to get lash extensions. I took it upon myself to take a lash course thinking I could do lash extensions on myself only to find out that it was not safe to do so and although the class left me with much to be desired, I realized I found a new passion. As a former teacher, I am enable to encompass all the things I truly care about, like helping and educating others. Lash Artistry & founding Sugar Bunny Lashes gives me a fulfilling purpose to help people feel beautiful, gain meaningful relationships with new people and my community, meet my needs to involve math, science and art in my daily work, and to take care of my daughter, who is the namesake behind “Sugar Bunny” Lashes. Sugar Bunny Lashes has continued to grow over the years into more than just a lash studio, but now includes semi-permanent makeup and makeup services, a hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly product line, and academy that teaches students ethical and safe ways to do lash extensions along with what they need know business-wise to succeed in this industry. We stand by our values and do everything in our power to give our clients and customers, an unforgettable experience with the best customer service.

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