3-Day Volume Training Course

The 3-Day Volume Training Course is designed to equip lash artists with advanced techniques and skills in volume lash application. This comprehensive training program covers theory, practical hands-on experience, and client interaction to ensure participants gain a deep understanding of volume lash techniques. Attendees will receive a kit, manual, live model practice, and certification upon successful completion of the course.

A minimum of 6 months of experience in classic lash application is required to enroll in this course.

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Dual Language Jan 6, 7th & 14th | June 22nd, 23rd & 30th | Sept 28th, 29th & Oct 6th

Day 1: Lash Theory and Fundamentals (6 hours)

  • Introduction to Volume Lashing
  • Understanding Volume Lash Extensions vs. Classic Lash Extensions
  • Fan Techniques: Creating Volume Fans
  • Fan Practice: Hands-On Fan Creation
  • Styling Eye Shapes: Customizing Lash Looks for Different Eye Shapes
  • Lash Mapping: Designing and Mapping Volume Lash Sets
  • Adhesive Types and Selection
  • Isolation Techniques for Volume Lashing
  • Safety and Hygiene in Volume Lash Application

Day 2: Practical Application and Client Interaction (6 hours)

  • Review of Day 1 Concepts
  • Client Consultation: Understanding Client Preferences and Expectations
  • Client Practical: Hands-On Application on a Live Model
  • Fan Placement and Alignment
  • Hands-On Assistance: Guided Practice with Expert Supervision
  • Troubleshooting: Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them
  • Working with Different Curls, Lengths, and Diameters
  • Aftercare Advice for Clients with Volume Lashes
  • Addressing Client Concerns and Questions

Day 3: Advanced Techniques and Certification (6 hours)

  • Review of Day 2 Concepts
  • Client Practical/Fill: Applying Volume Lashes to Fill In Gaps and Maintain Sets
  • Fan Removal: Safe and Effective Removal Techniques
  • Hands-On Application: Independent Practice with Guidance
  • Perfecting Fan Techniques and Consistency
  • Refining Styling and Mapping Skills
  • Building Speed and Efficiency in Volume Lash Application
  • Finalizing the Client's Look and Satisfaction
  • Q&A and Final Assessment
  • Awarding of Certificates to Successful Participants

Course Inclusions

  • Comprehensive Training Manual
  • Volume Lash Kit (Includes lashes, adhesive, tweezers, etc.)
  • Live Model Practice Opportunities
  • Certification upon Successful Completion


Participants will receive a certification upon successfully completing all parts of the training. This certification acknowledges their competence in volume lash techniques and demonstrates their readiness to provide high-quality volume lash extension services.

All attendance days are required to successfully complete the course. The training provides lash artists with the knowledge and skills to offer expert volume lash extension services, enhancing their professional capabilities and boosting their career opportunities in the beauty industry.