Professional Brow and Eyeliner Artistry with Official Body Art License

This comprehensive course is designed to provide aspiring artists with the knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to excel in the field of brow and eyeliner artistry. With a focus on hands-on practice and individualized instruction, students will gain expertise in manual shading brows, machine ombré, powder, and hair stroke brows, as well as lash line enhancing and thicker eyeliner techniques. Upon completing the course, students will be equipped not only with artistic proficiency but also with the necessary knowledge to apply for an official body art license.

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Jan 15-19th, 22nd-26th | May 13-17th, 20-24th | Sept 30th-Oct 4th, Oct 7th-11th

Day 1-2: Introduction to Brow and Eyeliner Artistry

  • Overview of the course structure and objectives
  • Introduction to different brow and eyeliner techniques
  • Understanding different skin types and tones
  • Color theory and pigment selection

Day 3-4: Brow Shaping and Mapping Techniques

  • Principles of facial anatomy and symmetry
  • Brow shaping using manual techniques
  • Brow mapping for different face shapes
  • Practice on mannequin heads

Day 5-6: Manual Shading Brows

  • Hands-on practice of manual shading techniques
  • Achieving soft and natural-looking brows
  • Creating depth and dimension through shading
  • Correcting and adjusting pigment color

Day 7-8: Machine Ombré and Powder Brows

  • Introduction to machine tools and equipment
  • Understanding the ombré and powder brow techniques
  • Hands-on practice of machine-based shading
  • Gradual color transition and gradient effects

Day 9-10: Hair Stroke Brows

  • Techniques for creating realistic hair strokes
  • Choosing the right stroke patterns for natural results
  • Practice on mannequin heads and live models

Day 11-12: Eyeliner Techniques

  • Introduction to eyeliner artistry
  • Lash line enhancement for natural definition
  • Creating thicker and bolder eyeliner looks
  • Practice on mannequin heads and live models

Day 13: Model Practice and License Application

  • Applying techniques on live models (2 brow models, 1 eyeliner model)
  • Addressing client concerns and preferences
  • Review and evaluation of student work
  • Guidance on compiling a portfolio
  • Overview of the body art license application process

Course Features

  • In-depth theoretical knowledge combined with hands-on practice
  • Limited class size (max. 4 students) for personalized attention
  • Extensive starter kit provided (except the machine)
  • Guidance on machine selection based on individual preferences
  • Opportunity to work on diverse skin types and tones
  • Official body art license application assistance

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion in Professional Brow and Eyeliner Artistry, qualifying them to apply for an official body art license.

Enrollment Options

  • 1:1 Individual Instruction
  • Small Group Classes (up to 4 students)

Invest in your future as a skilled brow and eyeliner artist with our comprehensive course. Unlock your creative potential and gain the expertise needed to excel in the dynamic world of permanent makeup artistry.